Wall Decor Ideas to Refresh Your Space

A blank wall can be a canvas to many things you can imagine. Putting a Wall Decal can be a great wall décor idea to refresh your space. There are so many decorations that you cannot buy, but you can get a wall decal of them and still have a fancy looking wall.
Here are some fancy ideas to decorate your plain walls and transform them into an inspiring space:

Pictures on the Wall

[caption id="attachment_269942" align="alignnone" width="350"]Photo Frame Tree Wall Stickers 500x500  Pictures as Wall decal[/caption]
This one is something quite common that you must have done already. But have you thought of replacing the framed photos with a wall decal?

1. Big Picture

If you have an entirely plain wall that is empty, put a big picture of a scenic view. This way, you can have the always-sea-facing view or any view that you want to look at.

2. Semi Wall Picture

If you have a counter, but the wall above it does not seem interesting. Then take the measure of your countertop and order the wall decal of the exact matching size complementing your table.

3. Combination of multiple Pictures

You can apply the various pictures in a broken look. Or a series of images lined horizontally or vertically to make a bigger art. With a combination of multiple photos, you can also put your family pictures. A combination of photos will allow you to show your creativity in any way that you want to.

Artifacts as Wall Décor

[caption id="attachment_269943" align="alignnone" width="350"]Wall Stickers Wall Decals 500x500  Artifacts as Wall Décor[/caption]
A piece of art is a careful carving that needs a cautious hand to keep it. Busy lifestyle nowadays does not let you have the time to invest in careful handling of anything. So, a wall décor of the artifact can be a compromise to the feel, but they will be precisely the same to the eyes.

1. Hanging Plates/Baskets

Fascinated? Yes, you can google some pictures of hanging plates or baskets and convert it to a wall decal. You would never have to worry about wiping them clean ever and still enjoy the luxurious view.

2. Vertical Plants

Watering the plant seems a problem for you? Solved! Hang a wall decal that has a side or top view of plants, and you never again have to worry about watering plants.

3. Textured Weaving

Want the old weaved textured wall hanging that your mom knitted and has on her wall? Take a picture, get a wall decal, and show your mom how much you love her!

4. Hang a Bike:

Ever inspired on a bike hanging wall? You can have one of your own. You need not worry about a wall decal that someone will hit the hanging bike and get hurt.

Space to Innovate

[caption id="attachment_269941" align="alignnone" width="345"]70 130cm World Font B Travel B Font Font B Map B Font Font B Wall  innovative wall decals[/caption]
You are a professional person with not too much of an artistic outlook. You can have some innovative wall decals. These decorative walls will help you to plan and organize your work and get extra credit on the artistic nag.

1. Plan, wipe and repeat

You can get a whiteboard or green board or any colored wall décor. Your team and family can scribble and clean without worrying about dirty walls.

2. On-wall Sticky notes

Have some squares of distinct colors that can help you to remember things. You can even leave some messages for the others to inform them of something.

3. Oh so big Map

Travel a lot? Need to refer map often? Deal in different time zones? A large map will help you. On a common wall, everyone can access it. Since it is bigger, smaller regions can also be named and showed easily.