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Our glow in the dark wall decals and stickers are a popular choice amongst parents looking for ways to decorate their child’s bedroom.  They are a wonderful alternative to using a night light which is brilliant for any child that is scared of the dark. The stickers retain light during the day or from any lights switched on in the room. When the lights are turned off and curtains are closed, the stickers then glow to create an incredible spectacle of light.

    5 products
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    Thomas the tank wall stickers
    Tomas the tank engine
    Thomas the tank engine wall stickers decals
    Glow in the Dark Wall Stickers
    Night light
    Doraemon A dream Glow in dark Wall Stickers
    Wall Stickers For Bedroom Living Room Wall-Decals Decoration Wallpapers
    Wall Stickers For Bedroom Living Room Wall-Decals Decoration Wallpapers
    Glow in the Dark Wall Stickers
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    Glow In The Dark Solar System Wall Stickers
    Not only do our glow in the dark wall decals come to life at night, they also enable you to add a quirky piece of wall art to any room in your home. Whether you’d like your child’s favourite cartoon character for their bedroom, or whether you’d prefer a stunning city skyline for your own room, we’ve got you covered.

    Why choose our glow in the dark wall decals?

    Here are a few reasons that you should choose our wall decal and wall stickers for your home:
    • Low cost
    We don’t believe that adding a touch of glam to your home has to be expensive which is why we offer all our wall decals and stickers for a really reasonable cost. Our glow in the dark range starts from just €13.95.
    • High quality
    We also don’t think that low cost items need to scrimp on quality. We ensure that all our products are of the highest quality and will therefore look great in your home.
    • Next day delivery
    Due to the fact we are located in Ireland, we are able to offer next business day delivery to any address in Ireland. If you place your order before 3pm Monday to Friday, you could have your order within 24 hours.
    • Wide selection of designs
    Finally, as well as our glow in the dark range, we also have an incredible selection of other wall decal designs – there really is something for everyone.

    Order yours today!

    If you have any questions about how to place an order, or if you have a custom wall decal design in mind, feel free to contact our team and we’ll be more than happy to help.
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