7 Incredibly Creative Photo Wall Ideas for You

There may be hundreds of wall décor ideas you can get, and out of them, one is decorating the walls of your home with photos and pictures. Photos and pictures of your friends, family, pets, trips and so much more. You would be astonished to know that there could be another plethora of ideas to decorate your walls with photos and not just hanging those photo frames. 

Here are 7 creative ideas for decorating your wall with pictures and photos. 

  1. Mosaic wall- To make a mosaic wall pick a size according to your wall and as well as your preference. Cut a paperboard or a paper of that size and place colourful square prints of your family and friends.
  2. Memories on instant film-sized with fairy lights- Gone are the days when only instant cameras printed instant film-sized pictures. Get the best of the memories on instant film-sized sheets and clip these retro prints in between 2 mini bulbs. Now stick this string on the wall and light it up! 
  3. Wooden Hangers- Wondered what else your wooden hangers can be put to use. Well, believe us they can be used for decorating walls! Get your wooden hangers out and clip the favourite pictures to them. Now hang the wooden hangers on the wall and there you have a wall with unique frames. 
  4. Chalkboard wall- This would surely give you more creative liberty. Get a chalkboard according to your preference and a few chalks of different colours. Stick the photo prints you want on this chalkboard at some distance from each other. Draw frames using the colourful chalks and you guessed it right, there is no limit to use your creativity. 
  5. Grid panel wall- And here is something that could be used to decorate the wall even if you can’t hang something on it. Get a grid panel wall of the size of your preference and pick the best of the square prints you want to display. Clip them on the panel as you wish. Keep this panel on a table or a dresser against the wall. You can hang it as well! 
  6. Binder clip photo wall- A minimalistic decorative wall photo idea yet a creative one is using binder clips to hang prints. Buy a few binder clips and clip your favourite prints on them. Make sure the prints are retro prints, they would bring the most out of this incredible wall décor idea. Hang these on the wall. You can scribble notes beneath the retro prints to make the binder clip idea more natural. 
  7. Customized B&W Outlining Decals- Definitely a unique photo wall décor idea is black and white outlining images. Get your favourite pictures customized on decals with B&W outlining by us. Give us any picture and we will create an amazing outlined image decal for you.