The Wonders of the Ocean on Your Kids’ Bedroom

Are you looking for a change of wall sticker theme for your kids this year? Well, nothing could beat an underwater room theme. Why? Underwater-themed wall stickers could be fun as well as informative and above all the soothing blue colour of the ocean will help your kids relax and get more creative.

Here are some absolutely amazing underwater-themed wall stickers for your kids’ bedroom.

3D Ocean World Window

A 60 by 90 cm deep-blue underwater-themed wall sticker would just be the perfect underwater decoration for your kids’ bedroom. A myriad of aquatic animals such as dolphins, turtle, starfish and many more the wall sticker is easy to apply, peel and stick.

3D Sea Animals

With a little variation in the aquatic animals, this 60 by 90 cm wall sticker has a lighter hue of blue. The stingy Jelly Fish and a predatory shark take the wall sticker a level up by showcasing the predacious side of the ocean.

3D Sea Turtle

The splatter-on-the-wall look gives this wall sticker an absolutely different appearance. The cracks around the uneven border make it seem as if the ocean on the other side of the wall is breaking in. The shadows of the fishes and the turtle flaps give it a stunning 3D look.

3D Sea View

The slam-through-the-wall wall sticker is surely going to be fun for your kids. The cracks and the shading make it absolutely real. The blue sky, ocean, and the flying gull seem like, it is there beyond the wall.

3D Shark Fish

The Finding Nemo crew is here! A small 50 by 70 cm wall sticker with a crack-on-the-wall appearance makes Nemo and friends come alive. The PVC wall sticker is easy to apply, peel, stick, and even remove.

Dolphin Wall Sticker

A beautiful border-less wall sticker would be the perfect choice for your kids’ bedroom. With 4 dolphins and colourful starfishes, the wall sticker spans 60 by 90 cm. Also, the sticker is transparent, it takes the background color of the wall.

Fish Wall Sticker

A minimalistic wall sticker yet pretty wall sticker is this fish wall sticker. With a small yet adorable size of 20 by 10 by 5 cm, the vinyl wall sticker has cute little blue fishes. The high-quality wall sticker is easy to apply and remove.

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