Spring Cleaning Kids Bedrooms

Winnie The Poo Wall Decal

Spring is the time of plans and projects’ - Leo Tolstoy.

With the Easter holidays behind us and the kids finally back to school, there hasn’t been much time to get down to spring cleaning ’projects.’

As a routine creeps back into the home, it’s a great time to get into the kid’s rooms, to clear the cobwebs and dust away the winter, without any distractions.

Declutter the kids rooms by starting with the wardrobe bagging winter clothes, storing boots, hanging jackets and coats in the porch or hallway cupboards. Have two piles; one for clothes that are now too small and one to store for next year, the local charity shop will be delighted to see you. It really is shocking how quick they grow out of their little pieces, if you can’t bear to hand them over, maybe you might know a relation who would love them.

Organise toys into transparent or colourful storage boxes to create floor space. All the little pieces of Lego and building bricks are much easier found when in a clearly labelled storage container. There is such a selection of storage boxes, they can even clip onto the walls and are a novelty for children; imagine the kids might tidy up after themselves!

A fresh coat of paint can transform and brighten up a space, even one wall can clean up the entire room. A wall decal will transform any room and give the wow factor to a  kid’s space. Walldecals.ie have removable and reusable stickers so the kids can change the characters and the scene as often as they like. With their favourite cartoon character/action hero beside them as they go to sleep, the kids might get into bed quicker with the brighter evenings! What a wonderful outcome for a tired bedroom.

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