A Different World Wall Stickers

The proverb, home is where the heart is, is essentially true given how we feel deepest affection for our home and leave no stone unturned to make it look beautiful and worth appreciation of our guests. If you have been looking for ideas to redesign your home and make it look chic and modern, we would suggest you to contact an interior designer or home decor expert to know about wall stickers- a stylish as well as a fresh way to decorate your humble abode.

Here is a list of things you should know about using wall stickers (also called wall decals)  for home decoration:

It doesn’t cover a wall:

As the name ‘wall stickers’ suggests, this decor element may or may not cover an entire wall. Wall stickers are pasted on a wall; therefore, the wall has to be painted beforehand. Also when pasted on a painted wall, the colours and design of the sticker look enhanced.

It doesn’t cover a wall

Themed stickers:

Every house tells a story and every room of the house is a chapter in that story. All of these chapters (rooms) are different but together they make the whole story (the house). Therefore, you need to find a common theme for all the rooms. You should look for wall stickers depicting a similar tale yet offering different detailed designs for every wall of your home.

Themed stickers

Furniture and wall stickers:

A wall sticker with a tree bearing fruits would look lovely behind the sofa set in your living room whereas a pair of lovebirds sitting on a branch would make a perfect sticker for your bedroom wall. Similarly, stars/cartoons/graphic stickers would be ideal for kids’ room. Wall decals in the shape of God/Goddesses can go in your spiritual room. Before selecting the wall stickers, keep the essence of every room in your mind.

They last long:

A wall sticker/decal easily lasts for three years or more. The colours may start fading after 2-2.5 years as humidity and moisture of a room start to affect its durability. However, it is still the most dapper way to decorate your modern home.

They last long

Wall stickers are extremely affordable and their price differs on the basis of their intricacies. Now there are a lot of choices available in 3D wall stickers plus you can choose the best wall stickers for your modern home online. Go for these wall beauties to have a voguish home!