Decorating Your Bathroom

Decorating Your Bathroom
wall decalsNext time you sit down to use the toilet or find yourself daydreaming in the shower, glance
around the room for blank spaces. If your bathroom is a sparse, practical room without any design touches, you should consider applying a wall decal.
Here are some tips for using wall stickers in your bathroom:

  1. Even though we refer to them as wall decals, these stickers can be applied on any smooth surface. So don’t stop at the walls, get creative with cabinets, mirrors, and shower doors within the space. This decal (or others) can even be place on the toilet itself.
  2. Put up a quote near your bathtub. A few options include a sticker which reads, “Soak your troubles away”, and another that says “Soak, relax, enjoy”. The words
    in both of these decals are surrounded by bubbles. Since the stickers are black, they’ll coordinate with any current color schemes in your bathroom. 
  3. Add some inspiration with a quote in a place that’s visible in the mirror. “Happy girls are the prettiest girls”, a quote from Audrey Hepburn, is a great sticker to see when you look at your reflection. Or, take a tip from Marilyn Monroe, who said, “Keep smiling because life is a beautiful thing and there is so much to smile about”
  4. Is your bathroom missing a window to the outside? Then add some color with a window wall decal. The best part is that you can choose your own view. Fight the winter blues with our beach window sticker, take a trip to the Eiffel Tower, or catch up with your favorite characters from the movie Frozen - all while brushing your teeth!
  5. Also, take into account who will be using the bathroom. If it is primarily your children, then you may want to indulge them with animal stickers in the bathroom. On the other hand, if it is a master bathroom that you share with your significant other, you may want to acknowledge your romance. If visitors or overnight guests use the bathroom you decorate, take time to think what style would make them feel comfortable.

bathroom wall decals
Decorating a bathroom can be tricky because the space is often small. Unless you are using stickers that are quotes, we often recommend that you use lighter colors to keep the feel of the room open. And, to keep the mood calm in your bathroom, avoid having too many visual distractions in the room. One wall sticker should be enough to tie the room together.