Celebrate This Women's Day With Wall Stickers

Frances McDormand won Best Actress Oscar early in the week and during her speech, she asked every woman to stand up and stand out, who was nominated for any category that evening. The 2-time Academy Award winner (Best Actress), froze the moment in history, three days earlier, when every woman in the world would stand out celebrating The International Women’s Day on 08th March.

Happy Women Day's

The duration of last one year saw some of the major feminist campaigns in history like Me Too and Time’s Up which became a global rage (thanks to social media for the widespread participation and coverage), which make this International Women’s Day much more significant.

As such the history has been witnessing the power of woman for a long time, but women were never as strong as they are in the 21st century. Women across the globe, working in any industry or at any position have surpassed men in terms of ability, pay and leadership. Today, the best examples of political leadership are the Chancellor of Germany-Angela Merkel and the PM of UK-Theresa May. On the other hand, women like Mary Barra, Indra Nooyi, Ginni Rometty head some of the biggest companies in the corporate world- GM, Pepsico, IBM.

Happy Women Day's

Celebrate this Women’s Day with paying tribute to woman power and one of the best ideas to do that would be etching your wall with the woman you admire the most. It could be anyone, right from Joan of Arc to Saoirse Ronan. You could get your own design, motif, pattern or theme for your Women’s Day stickers simply by customizing it. Get customized Women’s Day wall stickers, tell us what you want and we would give it to you.