5 Tips For The Perfect Easter Egg Hunt

Easter egg hunt

With Easter approaching and the kids off school an Easter Egg Hunt a great way to entertain children over the holiday:
The Easter Bunny has visited today
He left some eggs on his way
Follow the clues and be wise
And you will be rewarded with a prize …………..

1. Start your Easter Egg hunt with rhyming clues that engage children and enter them into the magic of the Easter Bunny. Put yourself in the Easter Bunny Shoes and equip the kids with little baskets or bags to collect the eggs. The excitement in the build up to the start time can be great fun.
2. The clues can be 2-4 sentences long with the last word in each sentence rhyming. If you decide the hiding places and work back with the clue to try and rhyme it out the night beforehand. If it’s silly the kids will love it!
3. Give the younger kids easier hiding places and the older children more challenging spots. Maybe colour code the eggs depending on the age eg: 2 to 4 year olds blue, yellow and green eggs and the older kids purple, red and pink. Or hide a Golden Easter Egg that is the ultimate prize, who will find the Gold egg first? The idea of the hunt is that all the kids have great fun and participate.
4. If the weather is good, it is ideal to hold the hunt in the garden, there are lots of hiding places, beside trees, certain flowers, in the sand pit, at the base of the swing, in the peg basket, dog kennel or in the shed. Bunny footprints made out of paper or with talcum powder embedded into the grass add to the thrill of the hunt.
5. The hunt doesn’t end til the last egg is found, it is important to count the eggs and keep track of how many are still out in the garden. The kids will get lots of fresh air, exercise and have a childhood magical memory.