5 Lessons You Should Instill in Your Kids About Superheroes

Raising kids is a very challenging job and one such grueling challenge is to make sure they are exposed to the right thing: on TV, in books or at the movies. With the emergence of technologies like CGI, Hollywood revamped its Superhero genre. Since the beginning of the century, we have been treated by a plethora of Superhero movies unveiling the hidden, enormous treasure of Superheroes to the world of cinema.

Many parents are apprehensive about the effects on their children by these fictitious yet crazed Superheroes movies. Well, read on to understand the virtues you could attach to your kids’ psyche about Superheroes.

1. You could be a hero - Superheros might have superpowers, but not all of them are mutated. DC’s Batman is a regular human being with no superpowers what so ever. Yet he is the caped-crusader for the Gotham city, fist-fighting crime in the streets of the underbelly of the crime-ridden city. Despite all the odds, and being a decadent billionaire, Bruce Wayne turns himself into a crime-fighting vigilante alter-ego—The Batman. There are situations in life which give a chance to bring out the hero in us, and characters like Batman are the best example to ingrain the virtue of courage in children.


2. Be proud of what you are - We still live in societies which judge people on the basis of religion, sex, sexual orientation, race to name a few. Although, mankind has been evolving by each passing day, yet the world is not free of discriminations. Marvel’s X-Men has always been outcasted by society for being mutants, yet they accept who they are (Prof. X and team) and fight for and not against the humans.


3. Turn your flaws in your strengths - Just like to err is to human, to be flawed is to be human as well. We all have flaws and there is no such thing as a perfect human being. Well, what positive could be possibly done with the flaws? Marvel’s Bruce Banner was exposed to Gamma radiations, which turned him into a raging monster—Hulk who turns green and bulks up when enraged. His super anger is the biggest flaw he has, yet he uses it to serve mankind.


4. Become Responsible - Spidey in real life is a young boy, Peter Parker, who discovers he acquired unusual powers after getting bitten by a radioactive spider. “With great power comes great responsibility”, is one of the most popular lines from the first ever spider movie franchise. It's not coincidental that this lesson is given to the young Peter by his dying uncle Ben. Similarly, as a parent of growing children, it becomes important to tell your kids at a young age about the burden of responsibility that comes along with the power you are given.


5. You are not alone - A very traumatic feeling at times in life could be of being alone, whether literally or metaphorically. Children should know, not to feel low at any point in life when they are alone or discover that they are different from others. DC’s Superman is the-only-of-his-kind-left in the universe. His earth identity, Clark Kent is an orphan who originally is from Krypton (Kal-El) but lives on earth as a part of earthlings. With a family, friends and his love interest, Lois Lane, Clark feels a part of earthlings._superman_

Tying morals and virtues with Superheroes would bring a positive change in the kids, despite all that action.