Turn Your Home Into a Tropical Paradise

This week, Ireland was treated to a rare spell of glorious summer sunshine. Thousands of people around the country began flocking to beaches, local parks & gardens to catch some rays and top up their tans. However, as usual the sun began to disappear as quickly as it began and the cloudy skies began to appear once again.
While time will tell if we get to see such blues skies again this summer, there’s no reason why you can’t add a summer feel to your home all year round. Here are some items from our selected range that will turn any room in your home into a vibrant tropical paradise.
1. Beach View
window wall stickers
Our exclusive window beach view wall stickers allow you to gaze out and escape to a far away desert island paradise. This setting looks so realistic that you’ll be tempted to climb out to reach those golden sand yourself!  
2. Sea View
You’d feel tempted to run through walls too if this beautiful nautical setting was right outside your home! This 3D sea view wall sticker is guaranteed to add a splash of colour to any room.
3.  Butterflies Blossom
3D Butterfly | Wall Stickers & Decals
There’s very creatures as beautiful as the wonderful butterfly. The sheer sight of one is enough to cheer up any rainy day so imagine the difference our 32 butterfly decals could make to your home!
4. 3D Sun Lamp
Those balmy summer evenings can cause sleeping problems for everyone, especially kids. Banish those restless nights and add sunshine into your child’s room with one of our 3D Sun Night Lamp.
Like what you see? We also have plenty of other products on offer including over a 100 in our 2 for €20 section. Why not have a browse and colourise your home today!