Summer Activities: Create Your Own Jungle!

During the summer holidays when the kids are off school, it can be hard to come up with activities to keep the little ones occupied. The dreaded rainy Irish summer restricts any fun outdoor activities which leads to boredom and tears.
However, there are some fun things to do indoors that the whole family can participate in on those drab days. Each fortnight over the summer we will bring you our own fun & imaginative ideas that will keep the little ones amused for hours.

This week we will show you how to create your own jungle right in the comfort of your own home! Animals generally play a big part of a child's imagination from an an early age which is seen with the attachment of toys such as stuffed teddy bears, giraffes and monkeys.
So just imagine your child's delight to have their very own private jungle to play in with their friends!
All you need to start is a large enough space such as a kids bedroom or unused box room. Make sure to clear as much space as you can before you begin. First make sure to pick up two tubs each of green, brown, white & sky blue paint. Using measuring tape and a pencil, draw a line about 3/4th of the way up the wall.
Mix the green and brown paints into different shades and apply them to the part below the line within the room to represent the foliage of the jungle and allow the coat to dry. Later on, using the remaining green paint, take a small paintbrush to paint leaves and vines over the walls.
Apply the sky blue paint right around the top part of the line to portray the sky, once this coat is set, use a paintbrush and the white paint to draw clouds.
Once the background is complete it’s time to start decorating the floor. Go online or to your local carpet store and look for a green carpet or rug. This will give the full effect of a jungle floor to blend in tit your new background.
No jungle setting is complete without animals obviously! Make sure to populate your mini jungle with stuffed animals like Lions, Giraffes, Elephants, Zebras and Monkeys. You can generally find most of this variety at your local toy store; alternatively there are a number of online such as Ebay and Bonanza where you can find these toys at a reasonable price.
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