Celebrate Earth Day With Our Nature Decals

NatureHappy Earth Day!
Okay, that greeting isn’t really a thing yet but in actual fact Earth Day (or April 22nd to you and I)
is going from strength to strength with each passing year.
Dreamt up during the heyday of the hippies in the flower power era, Earth Day is “widely credited with launching the modern environmental movement”. The first Earth Day took place, as a response to air and water pollution, in America in 1970 with April 22nd as the chosen date because it was after spring break but before most college exams took place, meaning the youth had no excuse but to participate.

And participate they did as an estimated 20 million people protested nationwide. That’s a higher number than even the biggest civil rights and anti-war demonstrations during the height of the 1960s counterculture.
Now, 45 years later, Earth Day events are estimated to be held in at least 192 countries and according to the original founder it has become "the largest secular holiday in the world, celebrated by more than a billion people every year."
What begun as a protest has turned into a celebration; a celebration of nature, wildlife, and a cleaner, greener environment. The truly great thing about Earth Day is that it’s completely inclusive. Religion, nationality, gender; none of them factor into it. If you love your home, your planet, then it’s for you.
Earth Day, NatureAnd it works too, so say the organisers. They claim that Earth Day “broadens the base of support for environmental programs, rekindles public commitment and builds community activism”.
So call the office on Wednesday morning and tell them you can’t make it in because you’re off to the local park to save the world by making daisy chains and playing Kumbaya (badly) on the guitar.
If that doesn’t work out, why not invite Mother Earth into your home with some of our great wall decals which celebrate nature?
We have countless decals related to nature, aside from the dandelion and animal wall stickers featured in this article, appropriate for all rooms and for all ages.