New Summer Arrivals

This summer we are glad to bring to you the Newest arrivals for your Children’s room, Study and Living room. All fresh designs would make you fall in love with Wall Decals all over again. These new arrivals are theme-based decals on a single vinyl sheet that can be posted on the walls in one go. Have a sneak peek here:

A cute wall sticker with music notes that would cover most of the wall of the kids’ room with multiple artworks like- flowers, butterflies, hearts and drums and a great range of pastel colors. This could be a real charmer for your kids.

A shelf-themed half-wall sticker with a couple of frames and life quotes could actually pose as an appendage to the bookshelves and other furniture in your study. The design in subtle with majorly a monochromatic color theme running all through.

A half-wall, animal-themed wall sticker that would be informative as well as entertain your nursery kids. It has small rings that encircle the animals which could be a fun learning experience just as a book.

A full-wall sticker based on night-theme with a crescent moon shining on a street. The colors are pastel shades of pink, yellow, blue and green. This would surely not call for a lullaby and put your kid to a sweet night’s sleep.

Another full-wall sticker which can be posted on Living room’s wall. The glass-theme creates a glassdoor effect on the wall. Bright colors are confined to the bottom of the design- flowers, butterflies and fences.