9 Amazing Themes to Decorate Your Kids Room

Bedroom Wall Stickers

It is time to change the way we furnish our homes, especially the rooms of our kids. Kids are young and that makes them impressionable. This is the time when they absorb most of the things happening around them. Designing your kids’ room on a theme could have a strong effect on their minds and ignite creativity and discover many other hidden traits.

Here are 9 awesome children bedroom ideas that your kids would definitely love.

Narnia Theme

Kids love movies and would love to be surrounded by their favorite movie characters or themes. To give a realistic Narnia touch you could go a little far. At the entrance of the room place a wardrobe, the back of which opens in the room. Decorate the room with characters of the Narnia series and the snowy jungle.

Tree House

Kids love tree houses. You do not have to get a backyard especially to build a treehouse, in fact, you could get the treehouse in your kids’ room. What would really give a treehouse look to the room is a wall-mounted treehouse connected by a staircase.

Aquatic Theme

One of the beautiful and educational kids room decorating theme is the underwater or aquatic theme. You could stick aquatic-themed wall stickers on the walls of the rooms. You could very well choose the age-appropriate the wall stickers based on the images.

Spaceship Theme

Young boys are fond of aliens and spaceships. A great idea to decorate your boys’ bedroom is furnishing it with a spaceship console with a lot of controls. It would make your boy feel, he has things under his control and probably kindle the aspirations to become an astronaut.

Secret Slide

Your kids would really love for the efforts you would put in for this and the fun they would have. Kids love secret doors and passages, it gives their fantasies wings and Hogwarts come to life. Put a hole in the kids' room and attach a small spiral slide which would land them in the room beneath.

House in the Room

A house of their own could not only excite the kids but can develop a sense of being organized. Leave some space and erect a wall in the kids’ room. Use the space inside to make the wardrobe and use a partition that would give space for a bed.  You could probably give a small balcony just above either of them adding a storey to the house, and there is your kid’s humble abode. It would be a great idea for decorating your girl’s room.

Ship Deck

Once again boys would love this — a Ship Deck in their room! You could make even a small room spacious with designing it on on a ship deck theme. Add a storey just above the lintel level and close it by building a quarter deck with cannon holes.

Circus Theme

What could be merrier for kids than a circus. Both, the boys and girls love the circus and they would be delighted to see one in their own room. Well, the first thing that would give your kids’ room a circus look is a small version of the giant wheel. Well, deciding which ride to put in the room completely depends on the size of the room.

Car Theme

Something your boy/s would love is to have their own car in the bedroom. Car themes are quite popular among young boys making it one of the themes widely used for decorating boys’ rooms. Design the bed in the shape of a car. You can have a garage structure around and over it with a fuel pump on the side giving it a perfect car theme.