6 Amazing Tips to Decorate Your Baby’s Room

Baby Wall Stickers

Every one of us likes to get a grand welcome and so why not a new-born in the family? If you are expecting a child, this could be the right time to plan on how you could welcome it in the world. Obviously, the new-born won’t acknowledge it, but it would be for keeps and one day when your kid grows up he or she would love to know about the splendid arrival. The best way you could welcome the new-born is to decorate his or her room and here are a few tips on how you do that:

Everything at One Place

Being a newborn’s or a toddler’s room you need to have everything at the right place as you could require anything at any moment and you don’t want to leave things for the last moment.

Avoid Mess

There would a lot of movement in your toddler’s room and much of what would be his or her in your arms. You do not want your leg getting tangled in the mess and you tripping on the floor.

Washable Wall Stickers

Put wall stickers around the room but do not forget to get the washable wall stickers. A pee spray might ruin a regular one but a washable wall sticker would save you the day.


Adding curtains to a new-born’s room is a must. Infants sleep a lot and they need proper ambiance to sleep. A see-through curtain would not get the desired darkness in the room that would put the kid to sleep.


Getting a theme-based room is like customizing it. Although the kid is so small that it can tell what theme to use but on a flip side that is an advantage too, you could choose your own theme.

A Folding Crib

Nothing could beat a folding crib. A baby room is already small and a folding crib would save you a lot of space when not in use. Fold and slip it under a bed or just simply hang it somewhere and you have all the space for your toddler.