Five Fun Party Games For Halloween

Mummy WrapHalloween is nearly upon us! It’s time to put those spooky decorations up, pick out a costume and last but not least, plan that perfect Halloween party!
The key to planning a Halloween party is to pick a number of party games that everyone will enjoy. Always try to select something that guests young and old can participate in to ensure maximum fun for everyone.
Here are 5 popular games that will bring any Halloween party games to life. So round up your friends, family and neighbours and start planning that monster bash!

1) Mummy Wrap

The rules are simple. divide your guests up into pairs and allocate each pair a roll of toilet paper. One of the guests acts as the wrapper while the other becomes the mummy.
The first team to use up their roll wins. The game can also be continued on as role-reversal with the mummy becoming the wrapper and vice-versa There is usually small spot prize for the winning team.


2) Apple Bobbing

This old favorite has been around for generations. All that’s required for this particular game is a  large basin of water, some  apples and plenty of dry towels! The rules of the game are simple, each participant must put their hand behind their back, then they must try to catch an apple with their teeth in the basin. The person who catches the apple in the quickest time wins.

Pumpkin Baby!
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Haunted House
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