Amazing Disney Wall Stickers

The most amazing cartoon characters of the world are undoubtedly from Disney. Disney has been entertaining us for close to 100 years now and through these years it evolved into a multinational mass media conglomerate from a small studio. Of what we see today, is the brainwave of Walt Disney who started off in 1923 with a short film Alice’s Wonderland that was produced by Laugh-O-Gram Studio which was the predecessor to Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio and was closed down due to bankruptcy.

Although the most famous character of Disney- the Mickey Mouse wasn’t born as till 1928 and since then Disney has created hundreds of cartoon characters. If you are a Disney fan, you could get your walls decked up with these wall stickers.

3D Disney Cars Wall Sticker

3D Disney Cars Wall Sticker

The 2006 movie Cars had cars playing cartoon characters for the first time. It is sure that you didn’t miss this cute sports animated movie and if you have been a fan of this movie, it is time to pay homage to it. Paste this decal on the wall of your room which covers all the main characters of the movie, with the Lightning McQueen leading them.


Frozen Wall Stickers

Who could forget the beautiful princess Elsa from the 2013 movie Frozen. If you are fairy fan in general and Elsa’s or Frozen’s fan, it is time to get this pretty wall sticker with princess Elsa and his buddy Olaf. Accompanied by snowflakes, the decal surely gives you a strong feeling of Christmas and winters.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Decal

Mickey and Minnie Mouse decal

When it comes to Disney, there are two characters you can’t just ignore- Mickey and Minnie. This is the best decal you could use to show the world that you are the greatest Disney fan. The stickers do not only highlights mickey and Minnie but also is accompanied by Mickey’s gibberish speaking buddy Donald Duck and the clumsy one Goofy. Your kids would surely love these immortal and funny characters of Disney.