5 Amazing Tips to Renovate a Room

Room Wall Stickers

Change is life and life is change. This tells us how important change is, for us in every aspect of life. Changing your ambiance is one such aspect of life. It is always a good idea to renovate your old room and to do that you need to change a few elements apart from the general ones like getting the walls painted. Here are 5 tips that would help you renovate that old room:

Lights Fixtures

Although the very first thing that is visible when the lights are turned on is definitely not the source of the light. But sooner or later it is surely looked at. The light fixtures evolve fast, you cannot change them every now and then and so choose the latest ones.  In case you have bought an old house, replacing it becomes very important.


Almost everything, right from the light fixtures to the floor and from door to windows, lose the shine. The next thing is the windows as not only the curtains have grown but the curtain style too. Get the most trending curtains, drapes, and blinds that would make the old window look fresh.


Probably the second visible thing after entering a room is the floor. After years of use, floors become rough and patchy and that is the reason half of the times the floor expense is a part of the renovation cost. Instead of a plain floor, you could also get rugs and carpets that would add to the beauty of the room.


At last the thing that tops the list of visibility are the walls. Walls are that part of the room which takes up the maximum time and research to decide which color to be put. But this time instead of going with ‘old painting style’ go with wall decals. They are economical, washable and removable.

Switch plates

It could be the last thing to be seen but it would surely be marked. Switch plates are the most straightforward item which tells the age of the room. And like every other thing they also get upgraded every after every few years. Well, the new switch plates would not only look aesthetically better but are also safer.