4 Tips Before Buying Wall Stickers

Wall Stickers

We all love buying stuff to decorate our homes, especially for the festive season. There is a myriad of things to do that and one such amazing thing is wall stickers. Just like everything else, wall stickers also have a set of things that are to be considered before buying them. It is really important to contemplate some factors before buying anything that goes up your walls.

The following are a few tips you need to review before buying wall stickers:


Wall decals are just like any other part of the furniture, as they have dimensions, (although only 2 dimensions). The dimensions created by the length and the breadth of the sticker occupies an area on the wall. The first thing is to make sure that your wall sticker fits on the wall just right. It shouldn’t be too small and too big.


This is the most important factor before buying a wall sticker. You need to make sure if your paint on the wall is compatible with the wall sticker. There are some paints which repulse the adhesive of the sticker, making them chip off. To make sure your wall stickers paste well on the wall, buy a small removable decal and try it out.

Time period

This is not a very general thing, but it is specific for the people who got their walls recently painted. There is always a turn around time for everything before it goes rolling down. A recently painted wall could be wet and if the wall is even slightly wet, your wall sticker could just come out. The best time before you paste the decal on the freshly painted wall is 2 to 3 weeks.

Just in time

Consider the turnaround time for the delivery in case you are ordering it online. The delivery takes around 2-3 working days and considering the time period would save your walls going dusty. Ordering early though is a better idea, but if you do that, ensure that the decal is not carelessly put around, that might spoil it.