New Year, New Home

The bustle of Christmas and New Year’s is over. Now there is time to focus on redecorating your house to match your mood for 2016. Here are some things to consider:
What happened last year?
Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 11.35.53What changed in your life last year? Did you pick up a new hobby? If so, consider updating your rooms to reflect your current lifestyle.
For example, if you began taking cooking classes then the kitchen is a good place to focus on. Our Kitchen Rules decal is a fun one, because it encourages others to respect your space. Have you taken up playing a new instrument? Find space on the wall for our decal that says, “Music is what feelings sound like”
The same goes for your young ones. Their hobbies are always in flux, and wall decals are a great way to support their ever-changing interests. There are decals for basketball, football, dance, Basketball wall decaland more. If a new movie came out in the last year that has caught their interest, take a look at our character wall stickers.
What are your new goals?
Do you have new goals or aspirations for this upcoming year? Look beyond your new year’s resolution about weight loss or trying for a job promotion. Instead, consider how you want to feel during the upcoming year.
You can inspire yourself daily throughout 2016 with wall decals. Apply our Dance in the Rain wall sticker in a prominent place within your house as a reminder to stay tough and enjoy each day regardless of what comes at you. The decal reads “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain”
We also love our Serenity decal for the new year. It’s perfect for a bedroom, office, or any place you want to remain a place of calm in your life. The simple black letters will match with any color wall paint and can act as a simple reminder for you to take a deep breath.
Plan for spring
While it’s still winter, the Spring season is on its way. If you’re tired of winter, start adding flowers into your life now. We have plenty of spring flower designs in our collection. Even if you don’t choose to use flowers, placing a colorful decal in a room can uplift anyone’s mood.
Whatever passions you choose to follow in 2016, don’t get hung up with extensive decorating projects in your house. Wall decals are a simple, affordable way to brighten up the rooms you feel could use updating.