Kids Fear Of The Dark Banished

owl-night-lightLots of children fear the dark and their imagination can escalate when it’s time for bed. The minute the lights go out, they picture scary monsters hiding under the bed or creatures popping out of the walls.
Very young kids haven’t yet developed the ability to separate fantasy from reality, causing them lots of anxiety. As if it wasn’t difficult enough to get the kids to wind down, the added stress of a kid with a fear of the the dark makes the job even more of a task.

Fear of the dark is very common among children and eventually the child will learn the skills required to get to the stage where he/she feels secure enough to sleep. Parents always know their child best and there are various tricks to ease the bedtime stress like nominating a cuddly toy as the protector, that will banish any scary creatures to a far off place or turning on the same calming music each evening that the child will associate with relaxing and bedtime.
The option of Night Lights from could be a novel solution. There is a range of 3D cute wall stickers that may cause the right distraction and ease the kids fear with a cuddly character lighting up the room. The tender light automatically turns on in darkness and shuts down during daylight. The light is not too bright nor will it interfere with sleeping, while brightening up the kids bedroom and making it much more fun to be in.
In an ideal world all kids would march to bed like the Von Trapp Family in the Sound Of Music but in the real world, working out the best route get your little angels to sleep can be very tricky. Any new processes can take time and finding the balance on how to get to the stage where they are happy to lie down on their own, will take some work. In time you will get your evenings back; see the full range of nightlights: