Plants & Tropical Leaves Wall Stickers

Plants & Tropical Leaves Wall Stickers


  • Size : 60cmx90cm
  • Materiel : PVC
  • Free Next day Delivery
  • Easy Apply Peel & Stick
  • Easy to Remove


Plants & Tropical Leaves Wall Stickers

Add some interesting things into your home, with these gorgeous Plants & Tropical Leaves wall stickers you can create a peaceful atmosphere in any room. After a busy day, return home and feel the peace of nature in your home. Let your family members enjoy the fun of green plant wall stickers, you can easily change your interior decoration style as these stickers are extremely easy to use,  just follow the simple instructions included with your purchase.

Before applying, clean the surface of which you are going to apply the sticker thoroughly, make sure the surface is completely smooth, peel the sticker off from the sheet slowly and stick the sticker where desired. Wipe down  gently in a wiping motion to eliminate air bubbles. Do not use if walls have mold or humidity spots,  paint is lifting off, will be exposed to constant heat or direct flames. If you recently painted your walls, please allow to dry at least 4 to 6 weeks.

  • Top Quality PVC Stickers
  • Removable and reusable
  • Suitable for any colour walls and windows.
  • Adheres straight to walls, door, mirror, or any smooth surface.
  • Size 60cm x 90cm

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