Flower Pots Wall Stickers


  • Size : 50cmx70cm
  • Materiel : PVC
  • Free Next day Delivery
  • Easy Apply Peel & Stick
  • Easy to Remove


Flower Pots Wall Stickers

To add some sunshine to a rainy day, get yourself these amazing Flower pots wall stickers, which will light up your wall in a minute. You can easily create a light and fresh atmosphere in your home. Floral designs  flower wall stickers are perfect for redecorating or restyling your bedroom, living room, a child’s room or a business such as a café or a hotel.

Flower pots wall stickers are on a transparent background ensuring that it looks great on your walls. It is easy to apply and easy to remove without damaging the wall which makes them perfect for renters who can’t make any permanent changes to their interior décor. Become an interior decorator and transform any room ordinary to extraordinary.

You can adorn the interior walls and windows of your home, bathroom, office, nursery, dorm, or store. Get creative and apply Flower pots wall stickers to furniture, such as your refrigerator, table, desk, kitchen cabinets, drawers, etc.


  • Top Quality PVC Stickers
  • Removable and reusable
  • Suitable for any colour walls and windows.
  • Adheres straight to walls, door, mirror, or any smooth surface.
  • Size 50cm x 70cm

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