Animals Lion Giraffe Border Wall Stickers

Animals Lion Giraffe Border Wall Stickers


  • Size : 50cmx70cm
  • Materiel : PVC
  • Free Next day Delivery
  • Easy Apply Peel & Stick
  • Easy to Remove


Animals Lion Giraffe Border Wall Stickers

An awesome Animals lion giraffe border wall stickers illustrating different jungle animals, ideal for decorating your child, bedroom, playroom or nursery. These wall stickers are great for stimulating kids’ imagination, especially if they love animals. Suitable for girls and boys.

Applying the stickers has never been easier, you can do it along with you kid. Wipe off the surface of which you are going to apply the sticker, make sure the surface is completely smooth and dry. Peel the sticker off from the sheet slowly and stick it where desired. Wipe down the sticker gently to make sure there is no air bubble. Do not use if your walls are dirty or dusty, have mold or humidity spots or wall paint is lifting off. Keep them away from constant heat or direct flames. We make sure that each order comes with instructions on how to apply wall stickers.

  • Transparent Removable & Reusable
  • Top Quality PVC Stickers
  • Suitable For Any Colour Walls & Windows
  • Stickers Can Be Reapplied And Removed Without Damaging The Wall
  • Diy Removable Wall Stickers
  • Size Of The Sticker Set Is 50cm X 70cm Approximate.
  • Easy To Apply, And Remove Without Leaving Any Sticky Residue.
  • Adheres Straight To The Wall, Door, Mirror Or Any Smooth Surface.


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