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7 Creative Ideas for Shared Rooms of Your Kids

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Doting on children is natural. As parents, it is great to get things for them, right from their favourite chocolates to their loved animals. The real problem begins when your children have to share things among siblings, especially their rooms. Sharing a room be painful for adults, let alone the kids. Rooms are an extension [...]

Confetti Wall Decals For Your Kids

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Celebrations without confetti are impossible to imagine. Confetti has become a symbolic as well as a literal sense of celebration.  Well, confetti might be a modern thing but the concept is age-old. A Small History of Confetti In the middle ages, it was a common practice of throwing objects at a carnival or a [...]

New Autumn Arrivals

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The autumn is on the verge of ending and soon we will have a new season. It is yet another time of the year that brings yet another set of products. Wall Decals has introduced new wall stickers with completely new themes and colors. Welcome the new season by decorating the walls of your [...]

Simple Ways To Learn With Stickers

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Kids were simple when mothers were simple. In the wake of 21st century when mothers themselves are smart and Dad's no less, kids bound to be a step ahead. And with crunching hours of quality time together WALL STICKERS give you more in less. Yes! These innovative and customized stickers are real fun and [...]

How to Get the Right Sized Decal

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There are many factors we consider before buying anything like usability, color, shape, size etc. Although all of them are important, yet one that could not be ignored and that is size. You could once ignore the color but you cannot ignore the size. A size bigger or a size smaller, both has the [...]