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The Wonders of the Ocean on Your Kids’ Bedroom

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Are you looking for a change of wall sticker theme for your kids this year? Well, nothing could beat an underwater room theme. Why? Underwater-themed wall stickers could be fun as well as informative and above all the soothing blue colour of the ocean will help your kids relax and get more creative. Here are [...]

40 Wall-Worthy Inspiring Quotes for a Positive New Year

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What better way to start off a brand new year, than with some motivational quotes to give you some home decor inspiration? Quotes can provide comfort in times of need, can uplift you when you’re down and offer hope in times of sadness – they are also great for adding a little something special [...]

Celebrate This Women’s Day With Wall Stickers

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Frances McDormand won Best Actress Oscar early in the week and during her speech, she asked every woman to stand up and stand out, who was nominated for any category that evening. The 2-time Academy Award winner (Best Actress), froze the moment in history, three days earlier, when every woman in the world would [...]

The Best Way to Pay Tribute as a Football Aficionado

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The game of football is older than we think. The primitive form of the game dates back to close to 400 years before Christ. Yes! That is astonishing to know that the sport the world is mad about is not just a couple of centuries old but ages more than two millenniums. With the [...]

Decorate Your House with Wall Stickers on This Halloween

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With Halloween around the corner and tricks and treats in your pocket, all left to do is dressing up the walls to go with the mood. Halloween is celebrated in the remembrance of the dead. Evolving from the ancient Celtic holiday of Samhain, modern Halloween has become less about literal ghosts and more about [...]