4 Top Reasons For Redecorating Your Kids’ Room With Wall Stickers

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Two of the major differences between humans and nonhumans are- humans are creative and they seek a constant change. In fact, at times we see change as a part of creativity. If you could change something making it more interesting, enjoyable and exciting, it is the creativity in you. Just like thriving to change [...]

Turn Your Home Into a Tropical Paradise

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This week, Ireland was treated to a rare spell of glorious summer sunshine. Thousands of people around the country began flocking to beaches, local parks & gardens to catch some rays and top up their tans. However, as usual the sun began to disappear as quickly as it began and the cloudy skies began to [...]

Summer Activities: Create Your Own Jungle!

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During the summer holidays when the kids are off school, it can be hard to come up with activities to keep the little ones occupied. The dreaded rainy Irish summer restricts any fun outdoor activities which leads to boredom and tears. However, there are some fun things to do indoors [...]

Our New Showroom!

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Since moving into our new office, Wall Decals has expanded the number of new exciting products available to purchase. These new items include, fairies, flowers and cute little owl stickers perfect for your daughter's room and for the boys room we have scary dinosaurs, giant elephants and cool trucks! Over the last two weeks we have [...]

Kids Fear Of The Dark Banished

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Lots of children fear the dark and their imagination can escalate when it’s time for bed. The minute the lights go out, they picture scary monsters hiding under the bed or creatures popping out of the walls. Very young kids haven’t yet developed the ability to separate fantasy from reality, [...]

Spring Cleaning Kids Bedrooms

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Spring is the time of plans and projects’ – Leo Tolstoy. With the Easter holidays behind us and the kids finally back to school, there hasn’t been much time to get down to spring cleaning ’projects.’ As a routine creeps back into the home, it’s a great time to get into the kid’s rooms, to [...]