Keep Yourselves Healthy All Year Round with Wall Stickers

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Health Fitness Min Need a wake-up reminder? Starting a workout? Or searching for peace and happiness? Your thought process plays a vital role in shaping your motivation for the day. Whatever your goal is, why don’t you get your daily dose of motivation pasted on your walls that you don’t need to look further. Wall [...]

Space Wall Stickers for your budding Astronauts!

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The first man made object sent into space was in 1957 when the Russian satellite named Sputnik was launched. Since then I think it’s fair to say that kids have been fascinated with space and what might be beyond our own planet. Help them stimulate their imagination with a Space Wall Decal so they can [...]

Pokémon Go Wall Stickers for Kids

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We have a great new range of Pokémon Go Wall Stickers for Kids which they’re going to love. Since it’s release only in July, Pokémon Go has be hugely popular, already with more than 500 million downloads!! Check out some of our latest design…         If your kids are chasing Pokémon’s all [...]

Turn Your Home Into a Tropical Paradise

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This week, Ireland was treated to a rare spell of glorious summer sunshine. Thousands of people around the country began flocking to beaches, local parks & gardens to catch some rays and top up their tans. However, as usual the sun began to disappear as quickly as it began and the cloudy skies began to [...]

Summer Activities: Create Your Own Jungle!

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During the summer holidays when the kids are off school, it can be hard to come up with activities to keep the little ones occupied. The dreaded rainy Irish summer restricts any fun outdoor activities which leads to boredom and tears. However, there are some fun things to do indoors [...]

New 2 For €20 Special Offer On Wall Stickers

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Wall Decals are happy to announce our latest special offer, which you may have saw advertised on our website and social feeds recently. Unlike our past offers however this one is not temporary, it's here to stay. We have removed our old 'On Sale' category and compiled a bigger and better selection of decals (eventually it [...]