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Decorating Your Bedroom

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Decorating a bedroom can be overlooked because guests typically don’t see where you sleep. Regardless of whether you leave dirty clothes on your floor or tuck them neatly into a hamper, you should take the time to make your bedroom welcoming. After all, it’s where you wake up, thereby setting the mood for your [...]

New Year, New Home

2020-03-16T12:27:33+00:00 Categories: Boys Room, General, Girls Room|

The bustle of Christmas and New Year’s is over. Now there is time to focus on redecorating your house to match your mood for 2016. Here are some things to consider: What happened last year? What changed in your life last year? Did you pick up a new hobby? If so, consider updating your [...]

Merry Christmas Wall Stickers Decals

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Are you Doing up the House with Wall Decals this Christmas? Halloween has already passed and now we are getting closer and closer to the one holiday we all are waiting for – the Christmas season! Christmas is a family season when the time has come for the whole family to meet up, bond and [...]

Which Avengers Character Are You?

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The Avengers: Age of Ultron has been one of the undoubted smash-hit movies if the year grossing a staggering $1,400,000,000 worldwide. The film has captured the imagination of both children & adults all over the world and led to the classic question “What Avengers character are you?” You could be a natural leader like Captain [...]