Wall Decals and Printed Wall Stickers

You have been using wall decals or wall stickers from a long time now, and there are a number of types of decals the walls across your home are embellished with, like nature, animated, alphabets, movie characters, quotes, sports, abstract etc. Apart from the classifying the decals based on the mood and setting of a room, they are classified on another level and that is the manufacturing. Although they must look like they are made in the same way, there persists a fundamental difference and this difference sets the decals apart.

There are two kinds of wall decals based on the process they are made. One is Cut Vinyl decals and the other is printed wall decals.

A cut vinyl decal is cut from the coloured vinyl sheet and is sort of a ‘the cut from the same cloth’. This vinyl sheet is a single coloured sheet, although multiple colours can be layered upon. A typical example of a cut vinyl decal is the quote decal with a monochromatic theme. Multiple colours can be added to the cut outs making the decal colourful.

Multi-Color Wall Decals

The other type of decal is the printed wall stickers or wall decals. These decals are analogously similar to printing a paper from your inkjet printer. There are big printers which are fed in with the design and in turn, they print it on the sheet. After these decals are printed on the sheet, they are laminated so that their colours and finish remains intact. The printed decals can also be cut in different desired shapes, just by cutting away the excess material.

Printed Wall Stickers

Although a dissimilarity in the manufacturing process, there is one great similarity between the cut vinyl decals and printed decals and that is, they both can be customized. You can have your own designs which can be either cut from a vinyl sheet or can be printed from a huge printer.