Places You Haven’t Thought About Putting A Wall Sticker

We have learned a lot about wall stickers and decals till now. Different themes of wall stickers, removable wall stickers, how to stick them on the walls, seasonal wall stickers and much more. Knowing so much about wall stickers, have we ever thought out of the box? Where else could these wall stickers can be tried? Probably we haven’t gone beyond the contemporary place like a wall. It is time to discover some new places to try out wall stickers and here are a few tips from us:


Kitchen Wall Stickers
We have covered the whole of the house but what about the kitchen? Decorating a kitchen with decals or wall stickers might not sound a great idea as there are not a lot of options to that still kitchens could be a great place to try them out. The rule is- do not find walls in a kitchen, instead, stick some decals on the cupboards or probably on the refrigerator door if you not too fussy about keeping it as it is.


Windows Wall Stickers
Thinking why to put a wall sticker on a window when you want that light in the room? Well, it is not important to cover the whole window, just put small decals at corners probably and the best thing is you could get semi-transparent wall stickers for that. You could also try sticking decals on mirrors which obviously are not used by you. And anyway if after some time you don’t like them or want to change them just remove them.


Bathrooms Wall Stickers
You read it right! A bathroom. Yes, bathrooms could be one of the places you can brighten up with some decals. Use colorful decals and cover the boring walls of the bathroom or simply decorate to make them more exciting. Decals are the most economical option to furbish your bathrooms unless you decide to add a tub or two.


Vehicles Wall Stickers
Vehicles! Yeah, we are out of the four walls and that is the power of thinking out of the box. You could get you cars all decked up with decals. Although you need to be careful the decals do not block any vision. You could also paste them on other vehicles like bikes and scooters changing the way they look.
These are just a couple of places you could try decals on, there could be much more, keep thinking.