How to Get the Right Sized Decal

Custom Wall Stickers

There are many factors we consider before buying anything like usability, color, shape, size etc. Although all of them are important, yet one that could not be ignored and that is size. You could once ignore the color but you cannot ignore the size. A size bigger or a size smaller, both has the potential to render things misfit. Just like getting the right sized clothes, shoes and other things, it is important to get the right sized decals also. Irrespective of the design, the right size does matter for a decal; a small decal would look disproportionate and a bigger one would be out of proportions, leaving your wall weird. Here are the steps to choose the right size that would fit your wall:


Choose the right space to put the decal. Make sure the wall space is plain and visible. You do not want the decal to be cramped up or not visible.

Selecting The Area

The next step is to select the area you wish to stick the decal on. In order to do that cut 4 pieces of masking tape and place them on the four corners of the desired area. This would give you a visualization about the size of the decal. You can also paste six or eight pieces of masking tape, two either sides to get a better picture of the size.

Measuring The Distance

Now measure the distance between the left/right and top/bottom pieces of the masking tape. This would give you the width and the length of the area. Finally, you would have the size of the area you want to use to stick the decal.

This method you can mostly utilize when you want to order a customized decal as the non-customized decals are available in fixed sizes.