5 Amazing things to Gift Your Daughter This Daughter’s Day

Unlike the counterparts like Father’s and Mother’s Day, Daughter’s day is a celebration which was incepted very recently. Internationally known as the International Day of the Girl Child, it is celebrated on two different dates; 11th October and 24th September. Apart from the difference in the vintage with the events (Father’s and Mother’s day), there is another fact which makes a difference and that is, the east contributed much more than the west in the emergence of this event. But despite this, the daughter's day is celebrated with enthusiasm and joy world over.

Although both, a son and a daughter are dear and close to the parents, a girl child is special in many terms. To make daughter’s day special, you can gift an array of things to your daughter.

Although age is the major factor in considering a gift, still to make it easy for you, we have listed these things:

A Decal

 Daughter’s Day Wall Stickers

Something that would always remind your daughter of you when she sees the wall in her room is a decal. You can customize the decals with a quote, choose the size, shape and the color scheme also. You could get a removable decal as well, which you can remove next year to replace with a new one.

A Mug


 A mug is something that doesn’t see age and so, you can gift your daughter a mug with either a customised message or a simple quote- “World’s Best Daughter” or any other lovely quote that would convey your feelings in the best way.

An Apron

If your daughter is a grown up and enjoys cooking, an apron could be the best thing to gift her on this daughter’s day. You could also customize the apron with a personalized message on it. Anyway, aprons are not only for the grown up girls, you can gift your little one a fancy little apron too.


Daughter's Day Card
A very simple yet heartwarming way of gifting is the age old magic of a card. Gift a beautiful card on this daughter’s day. To make it special make it yourself. DIY is the best way of customizing a card and you can select anything and everything that you want to put on the card.

A Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear

Girls are never old for a teddy bear. Irrespective of the age, you could get a cute teddy for the ursine love. Gift a teddy bear to your daughter irrespective of she being a kid, a teenager or an adult.