Pokemon Go has invaded your home... Including your walls

I am not sure if you have heard about this new app that came out recently...Pokemon Go?? If you haven't, then you must of been living under a rock or on a deserted island for the past month, because this game has just broken 75 million downloads in record time!
To celebrate this giant trend, we are getting some great new Pokemon wall sticker, which will brighten up your room with some of your favourite characters. Share your passion for Pokemon with your kids and loved ones, with these fabulous wall stickers for kids.
For those of you who were too young to remember, Pokemon started out as a 2D game for GAME BOY. Nintendo brought it out in the late 90’s and it was instantly a huge hit. The game's premise was to collect all 150 Pokemon by either catching them in the wild, battling trainers or trading them with your friends. This instantly made people go to any lengths to become the ultimate trainer.
So what exactly are Pokemon? Well these fun little creatures are basically pocket-monsters that live in their poke-balls which are used to catch them. Each of the 150 Pokemon have powers and attacks used when they are in a battle.
For example, Pikachu (a cute little mouse) can blast electric bolts from his cheeks, Squirtle (a loyal turtle) can spray water from his mouth and Bulbasaur (a grass type Pokemon) has vines to whip its opponents.
As the game progresses and your Pokemon gets stranger, they can evolve into a more powerful version. When Pikachu evolves, it becomes Raichu. Though not all Pokemon can evolve.
Now that we know what Pokemon is, what is this new Pokemon Go app?? Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game, that uses GPS to guide you, the trainer in the “real world”, in the direction of nearby Pokemon. Along with catching Pokemon, you can battle in designated gyms around your area and fight other trainer’s Pokemon.
A fun aspect of the game is finding Pokemon and catching them by turning on your camera, pointing it in the right direction where a Pokemon will be in the real world, then throwing a poke-ball at it. If you are successful the Pokemon is yours!
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This craze has taken over our smart-phones so we wanted to join the fun by providing you the most exciting Pokemon wall decals, to decorate your rooms, offices and playrooms. These Pokemon wall decals will be available to order and buy online from our website soon. Make sure to follow us and keep an eye out for wild Pokemon!!
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