Decorate Your House with Wall Stickers on This Halloween

With Halloween around the corner and tricks and treats in your pocket, all left to do is dressing up the walls to go with the mood. Halloween is celebrated in the remembrance of the dead.

Evolving from the ancient Celtic holiday of Samhain, modern Halloween has become less about literal ghosts and more about costumes and candy and stickers, from a somber pagan ritual to a day of merriment, costumes, parades and sweet treats for children and adults. People wear special costumes which are popularly known as Halloween costumes.

Welcome to the world of Halloween stickers, we bring you wicked and spooky wall stickers to decorate your walls this Halloween.

Haunted House Halloween

Haunted House Halloween Wall Stickers

A Castle, a flying ghost, holy crosses and bats, this is a complete Halloween sticker which welcomes you to the Halloween world with bats waiting to give you a ride and holy cross being your only bet, witches making sure you don’t loop out and the castle surely doesn’t have an exit door marked...Happy Hell-0-win.

Ugly Tree Halloween

Ugly Tree Halloween Wall Stickers

Is it your hat with on silly cat’s head? The spooky cat has been hiding something inside it. We are sure this Halloween wall sticker sure does justice to the theme you are planning.

Halloween Flying Ghosts

Flying Ghosts Wall Stickers

If too much is not your taste, we have something subtler. This minimalistically designed flying ghosts wall sticker is your bet. A wall sticker design that would make you feel cute yet horrifying, but it sure would add to your Halloween spirit, and that is what is important on Halloween.

Halloween Cooking Witches

Halloween Cooking Wall Stickers

Your dinner has been cooked. A wall sticker with two witches cooking the witch soup would just be apt for the Halloween. But we are sure you don’t have a diet for this bone stewed broth.

Halloween Baby in the Pumpkin

Nothing could be more symbolic than a pumpkin for Halloween. This wall sticker is multi-colored wall stickers with almost all elements of Halloween included in it with a picture of a real baby, sitting in a big pumpkin.

Halloween Flying Witch on the Broom

Another amazing Halloween wall sticker is this one, with a witch flying sitting on a broom accompanied by bats and a few tombstones on the ground gives a chilling feeling. If it would horrify you beyond the limits, the big fonts reading ‘Happy Halloween’ assuage you, that it is just for the Halloween.

Dead Tree Halloween

A dual-chromatic wall decal, with tombstones, evil-looks carved on pumpkins and an owl sitting atop the dead tree would add up to the spirit of Halloween. Just make sure you don’t have small kids (they are too impressionable) at your home as it also depicts a person hanging from the branch of a dead tree.

A colorful Halloween

This wall sticker is the most colorful in the whole stock. With major colors like orange and yellow, it gives a great feel of Halloween. Almost all elements covered (a spooky house, a graveyard with tombstones, flying bats, a dead tree, evil looking carved pumpkins, a cat and a raven, a flying witch) this wall stickers is a complete Halloween wall sticker.