Creative Spaces to Place Wall Decals

Yes, we use the words wall decals or wall stickers, but they don’t need to stay on the walls. There are many creative ways to decorate with these decals and we want to share them with you in this post.
Our Animal Train Wall Stickers are the perfect example of how to decorate the windows in your home. In this case, these stickers are on a large window. When do you decorate a window? If the view outside isn’t much to look at than decals could add color. Does the room have a lot of window space and not a lot of wall space to decorate on? Then you could personalize your space by placing stickers on the windows or glass doors. Another way to use the decals is if you want to advertise your place of business. For example, if you are a nursery school, you could put wall decals of animals or movie characters on the windows facing towards the street. Similarly, if you own a company that grooms or trains dogs, you could place these happy dog decals up.
Dog wall decals
Plain furniture is fair game for decorating. In a child’s room, you may gain ideas by looking at the crib, bunk beds, or dresser. For instance, these wall stickers can be separated as you choose, making them ideal for a dresser. In an office, you can spruce up filing cabinets with decals or you can use smaller wall stickers along the border of a bathroom mirror.
Often the kitchen space is occupied by several solid color appliances. Instead of decorating the walls, consider the cabinets or even the refrigerator. Our cute baby parrots are a great example of how to be parrot wall decalscreative with decals in the kitchen, but really, cabinets and bookcases in any room can be specialized to your style.

Staircases are a unique way to use wall stickers. Pick your favorite quote and place it along each stair (as long as it is uncarpeted) so that people can read the quote as they climb to the second level. Take a look at our House Family Rules wall sticker to see exactly how to use decals on the stairs. Here’s another example of how to make the staircases more than a walkway from point a to b within your home.
Remember, these links are merely suggestions. You can choose any wall decal to decorate the staircase, cabinets, or bed in your home, not just the images we have showed.