Create Eye-Catching Accent Walls with Wall Decals

Be faithful to your own taste, because nothing you really like is ever out of style.”- Billy Baldwin

Wall art design that blends with your real lifestyle, inspire your emotions, triggers deep thoughts, and nourishes your well being should be given space on your walls. Your walls look plain when not put up with your own ideas, your imagination gets them to talk about your ideology. Wall decoration is not restricted to paintings, pictures, and wall art, wall decals have hit the mainstream. Have a look at these wall decals that would turn your walls into eye-catching accent walls:

Geometric wall decals

Colourful Dots Wall Decals 500x501

You can create a geometric pattern by carefully placing smaller decals, or you can opt for wall decals that come in geometric designs. If you are a renter, move frequently, or like to redecorate a lot, geometric wall decals would be enough to create an accent wall. Especially when you emphasize on minimal and simple design patterns, geometric pattern wall decals seem to be a great option.

Stonewall decals

When your walls cry out for extra drama then, a giant wall decal that mimics the look of an expensive stone wall fits your choice. The stone design is perfect for a fireplace wall. Other similar wall decals such as wood-planked walls or even exposed brick also give your walls a rustic touch.

Gallery art wall decals

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To fill the space over your couch or around your flatscreen TV or your bed, you can hang a gallery wall such as a family tree. Such giant wall decals add tons of drama and turn a blank wall into a masterpiece without a single nail hole. Gallery art wall decals attract the eye away from problem areas of the walls. It makes them an excellent solution for rooms with awkward layouts, weirdly positioned air vents or other eyesores.

Wall decals with a dramatic effect

World Map Wall Sticker Art Decals 1 500x500

Wall decals are often sold in sets, but sometimes they cannot produce a dramatic effect that you are looking for. Usually, there are not enough decals in a game to adequately fill a space, leaving you with less "wow." You can make a big impression with a single large-scale decal such as a peacock, maps, flowers, or idols. Different from the usual the scale and variety of colours in such wall decals make your walls look unique.

Wall decals with stripes

Birds On The Wire Wall Stickers Home Decor Vinyl Art Wall Decals 500x435

Horizontal stripes can do wonders on the walls of a small room as it makes the room appear big and large. If you don't like using paints, you can go with bold horizontal stripes with different patterns. It helps achieve a room-widening effect and gives an instant kick to the ambience of the room.

3D wall decals

Mj8017c 2 500x492

When it comes to the 3D version of the wall decals, it is all about making patterns that generate interest in the incomers. The unique designs make your rooms look stylish and trendy. Without having to make a bigger decor commitment you can upgrade your walls and can make them look so much fun. You can create waves with these 3D wall decals literally!

Mirror wall decals

Mirror your wall to let them sprawl! A mirror wall art has a widening effect and can make your walls look big. You can go with tinted mirrors to add an extra element as that goes very well with bronze and metallic interiors. Pair it with beiges and browns and get a lush look. If you don't like tinted glasses, you can go with a regular mirrored wall that will reflect light in all directions. Pick this stand out wall decal option to make your home shine bright!

These are some amazing ways in which you can transform any dull looking wall into an accent wall. You might also want to see some other wall decal options click on the link below to know more-