6 Artistic DIY Christmas Décor Ideas

Christmas is around and it’s the time of the year to manifest your creative skills. In case you are planning to buy Christmas decors online or from a local store, think once again. DIY décor ideas are flooding the internet and with a little effort and time, you could create more mesmerizing and prettier décor.
However, we have made it even easier and you would not have to browse the internet as well for décor ideas, instead, you just need to read on to get some of the most astonishing DIY Christmas ideas for 2019. 

Christmas tree Appetizers

Christmas Tree Christmas tree Appetizers
To start with, there are always food items you could try your creativity on. There are myriad of ideas you could make Christmas trees from food items such as pineapples, cucumbers, sweet lemons and many more. 

Sock Snowman

[caption id="attachment_264152" align="aligncenter" width="400"]Christmas Snow Christmas Snow
Get your old socks out and turn them into cute little snowmen. All you need are buttons, coloured socks, bands, and some cotton. Fill the socks up with rice, tie around the bands so as it takes the shape of the belly and the head and go on to make facial features such as eyes, and nose. 

Farfalle Pasta Bow Garland

Farfalle Pasta Bow Garland Farfalle Pasta Bow Garland
Another amazing Christmas décor idea straight from the kitchen is the Farfalle pasta bow garland. Now, don’t boil the farfalle pasta this time, instead, just paint them sparking gold. String them together with a similar sparking gold cord rolling it around each pasta bow. Who says it was farfalle pasta? 

 Clothes peg Wreath

Clothes Peg Wreath Clothes Peg Wreath[/caption]
All you need is an old wire cloth hanger, a couple of dozen green clothes pegs, red beads and a red ribbon. Shape up the wire in a circle and knit the red beads in it. Make sure you knit as many beads as could accommodate one clothes peg between two beads. Clasp the clothes peg around the wire circle and tie the red ribbon anywhere on it and there is your Christmas wreath. 

Christmas Wall Decal

Chrismats Decal Christmas Decal
The easiest way to deck up your room for Christmas is by using wall decals. All you need to do is paste the decals on the wall. There are removable decals available, those you can peel off once Christmas is over. Check out some amazing Christmas-themed wall decals at https://walldecals.ie/product-category/holiday-wall-stickers/christmas/

Book Christmas Tree

Christmas Christmas Tree
This Christmas is time to get all your old books (those you have already read or do not plan to read) out and put them to use. You need 10-12 hardcover books, some green paint and a garland of beads. All you need to do is, paint the hardcovers green and open the books from somewhere middle. Now pile up these opened books facedown and as you reach the top, place the top two books in A-shape. Isn’t it a Christmas tree? Tape a star to the book at the top from behind and swirl the bead garland around the tree. Ta-da, there is your book Christmas tree.