4 Awesome Tips For Removing Your Custom Wall Stickers and Where to Reuse Them

It's been a long time that wall stickers started coming with the removability feature. Almost all wall stickers today guarantee you of removability, thus making them more preferable to decorate the walls of your homes.

Reading the title you must be wondering what is there to know about removing a wall sticker, simply scrape one of the corners and pull it off. Well, that is the universal way, although there are certain methods that could make removing a wall decal much easier. Here are the ways how you could remove wall stickers.

Remove Custom Wall Stickers

Blow Dryer to Scrape

Scraping a wall decal is one typical task and sometimes the trials are unending. Well, you could your blow dryer to yet another good use. Once you have picked a corner to scrape, heat it up using a blow dryer. The heat would make the adhesive soft making the scraping easier. Make sure you do not pull it off heavy-handedly and stay close to the wall while peeling it off. This way your vinyl wall decal would be saved from getting stretched

Spread Out Mayo

You have spread mayo on a slice of bread and on other things, this time spread it on the wall sticker you want to remove. After coating the mayo in the wall, let it sit there for a while. The mayo would soften the adhesive and it would be much easier to remove the wall sticker. Spray some air freshener to beat the odor.

Hot Towel

The objective of all the ways of removing a wall decal is one—to soften the adhesive. A hassle-free way to peel off a wall sticker is to wipe it with a hot towel. The best way to get a towel hot is to dip it in hot water and squeeze it hard so that all the water is drained, we only need to heat. The heat would dissolve the adhesive and the wall sticker would seamlessly peel off, although making the wall sticker un-reusable.


A similar method that would dissolve the adhesive of the wall stickers is by using an iron. All you need to do is, place a moist piece of cloth on the iron and run the iron on the whole decal. The heat again would make the adhesive soft and the decal would come off like anything.

Well, now when you have removed your wall sticker, you would repaste it on another wall, that you would be thinking is the best way to reuse your wall sticker or decal. But there are other ways too on how you can reuse your wall stickers and decals.

Gift Wrapping

Every time you buy a gift, you have to choose a nice wrap for it. Well, how about you don’t have to pick that every time. The wall stickers that you removed could be put a great reuse by wrapping those gifts.

Book Covers

The book covers help in keeping the books in a great shape and nothing could be more amazing than a wall sticker to cover books. You could use the used wall stickers to make some awesome book covers.