4 Amazing Wall Decor Tips For Your Office

Office Wall Decor

We do so much to decorate our homes- ornamenting the rooms with fancy items, bringing in new furniture, painting walls or changing the wall stickers intermittently and a lot of that kind of stuff. But at the same time, do we care about our working space?

An office is as important as a home. If a home is for unwinding and relaxing, an office should be such that it transmits the right energy into us, making us more efficient and creative. Offices today are getting out of the “stereotypical” image and revamping themselves to savvier avatars and mostly for the reasons like- enhancing productivity, amplifying creativity and making the overall work experience better. Here are  a few tips for office wall decor that could turn your office in a working sanctum:

Just like a home an office could also be divided into sections- The Reception, Meeting Rooms, Conference Rooms and Private cabins.

The Reception

A reception is like a face of an office. The very first thing one sees on entering an office is the reception. It is also an area to greet the visitors and ask them to sit and relax for a while and that makes the reception area the best place to introduce your company. The Mission and Values of your companies can be posted on a wall. Going a little more creative the walls could have customer testimonials that would speak loud about your customer relations.

Meeting Rooms

Next, come the meeting rooms where the visitors are escorted and the meeting ensues. A lot of discussion takes place in a meeting room and to reinforce the spirit of the place the walls should have a lot of creative graffiti that talks about it like- glowing bulbs, teamwork, handshake, conversation clouds etc. Meeting rooms do great with simple quotes that could be motivating especially if interviews are conducted.

Conference Rooms

A Conference room is the heart of an office. A lot of important and major discussions are held, brainstorming is done, strategies are made, policies are formulated in a conference room. The room conveys things like- power and strength which could be best depicted with metallic images or bird eye views. A conference room is the best place to have maps spread across on a wall.

Private Offices/Cabins

A private office is resided by the top executives of a company and that is why it should describe the stature of the company in the best way. Rich colors shades like of bronze and copper are the best to depict that. Another thing that could portray the opulence is- wall cushions. They could add to the aesthetics of a private office to a class apart level.