Sticking Wall Decals Made so Easy

Today almost everyone pastes wall stickers on their walls. Wall stickers come in innumerable designs and have an edge over its contemporary- wall paint. Though it seems easy, applying a wall sticker is not that simple.

The decal is sandwiched between 2 layers of the sticker. One is the front layer which faces you while sticking the decal and another is the back layer which faces the wall. A few things are to be taken care of while applying a wall sticker.

Wall stickers

Here are a few tips to apply wall stickers:
  • Placing the sticker- The very first step is to place the sticker on the wall surface. Here it needs to be ensured that the sticker is straight and has no degree of tilt unless you wish to slant. Tape the sticker on all the 4 corners with a masking tape.
  • Tapping the center- Apply another strip of tape across the decal, either horizontally or vertically depending on the shape of the sticker creating an anchor point.
  • Remove the tapes- Once the decal is placed and taped on the wall, remove the 2 tapes from the top.
  • Bend and crease at the center- Bend the upper part of the decal at the center and make a crease.
  • Separate the 2 layers by peeling off- Separate the back layer from the front one by ripping them apart slowly till the center. The decal will come on to the first layer.
  • Cut the back layer- Now cut the top-half of the back layer with scissors.
  • Stick the top half or the left half (in case of a verticle anchor) of the decal- After cutting the back layer, start pressing the first layer against the wall using a credit card to stick the decal on the wall. Move the credit card starting from the middle to top on the surface to ensure that no bubbles get trapped under the decal.
  • Remove the anchor tape from the middle.
  • Repeat- Repeat this procedure for the bottom half or the right half (in case of a vertical anchor)
  • Remove the first layer- After you are done sticking the decal on the wall start removing the first layer slowly. The first layer will come off leaving the vinyl decal on the wall. While peeling off the first layer ensure the wall paint doesn’t come off along with it.
  • Voila!!! There you are with your favourite decal on your wall.