Reasons to Use Wall Decals For Business Branding

So far we have discussed the use of decals of different shapes, sizes and colours for decorating the wall of our homes. Although decals or wall stickers can be used for commercial purpose too. There is a wide range of usage of decals for your business like- in shop branding, outdoor branding, displaying information (like timings of the store etc.). Here are various reasons you could use wall stickers for your business.

Custom Wall Sticker


A business logo or a design calls for customization and that is the reason wall stickers are a good choice for branding. Decals can be customized as per the requirement of desired shape, size and colour, making it 100% customizable. Draw your own designs on the paper and give them life with decals.


Wall decals have a good adhesivity that makes them stick them on any surface. You can stick your business logo right from a glass door to a wall, making them good on different surfaces. With wall stickers, you do not have to pick a specific surface thus giving you the freedom to paste them anywhere.


The biggest problem with branding with the usual things is removability. Uninstalling a backlit board or an even a non-backlit board is a herculean task. Removing a wall sticker is as easy as sticking them. The hassle-free removal of decals makes rebranding easier and much more convenient. Decals are very economical as compared to other branding items and so you can do rebranding more frequently.


Wall stickers are the most economical branding options available. As compared to other items like signage boards, decals cost almost nothing. They are not only economical price-wise but also are quite low on maintenance as with features like removability, flexibility, customization and washability you practically do not spend anything on maintaining them.