Get Your Library Quoted with Wall Stickers

Ah! This comes so late. Writing this we felt that we should have talked about this way back. We hope many of us have had that “glowing bulb moment” when we realize the perfect match for something with a jolting thunder. Something similar happened to us also. It hit us that quotes have a soulmate...yes you guessed it right-  the ‘library’. What could be a better place to paste quotes than a library? Whatever size your library is, you could all jazz it up by putting quotes around, sparking the reader inside everyone who drops by and boosting the ambiance who are already seeking a good read.

Library Quotes

A library is always segmented into different sections. And if your library is not, get it properly sectioned; by creating a broad category of the sections you want to divide your library in and then arranging the books likewise. We would tell you some of the common sections:

● Fiction

● Children Literature

● Health

● History

● Non-Fiction

● Self-Help

● Science

● Parenthood

● Arts

● Culinary

● Around the World

● Nature

● Sports

Each section needs a different quote. This could be very effective. If you have a small library you should get smaller fonts for the quotes so that they do not fill up the wall space and your library sections run out of the space for relevant quotes.

Now you could get popular quotes across the sections said by great people like- Albert Einstein, Charlie Chaplin, Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Steve Jobs, Abraham Lincoln, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Elvis Presley and much more.

You can get anonymous quotes also or make them yourself and get them customized for your library. You can customize these quotes by choosing from a wide array of shapes, font, font size, color, and design.

After a while, if you feel the quotes have become old and how exciting it would be if you could just change them all and give a new and dashing look to your library not worry. You can get removable wall stickers from Wall Decals and revamp your library every time you feel it needs to revive the spirits.