Amazing Idea to Decorate The Fireplace

Fireplaces Wall Stickers

Hearing the word ‘fireplace’ strikes us with winter days and warmth. Although fireplaces were built for this primary function, they evolved through the time as a relaxing spot for after-supper gathering or reading a book by it and so fireplaces became a symbol of home, cosiness and relaxation. With shrinking home sizes due to urbanization fireplaces are losing their existence yet people who love fireplaces accommodate it irrespective of the size of home they dwell in. Decorating the fireplace is also as old as the fireplace itself and there are various ways to decorate your place, a few are mentioned below:

Wood Circles

Wood is an amazing option to decorate the fireplace. It brings the earthiness to the fireplace and complements the woody usability of the fireplace. Place the wood circles on the wall behind and let it blend with the rustic look of them.


As quoted, wood adds to the natural aspect of the fireplace, another great idea to brighten up your fireplace is by using driftwood. Driftwood acquires a distinct texture and patterns after years of washing on a shore or a beach. Embellishing the mantle of a fireplace with driftwood gives a look as distinguishable as the driftwood itself.

Reusable Creativity

You could all creative for decorating the fireplace, any idea could be less and no idea could be more. One such creative idea is getting your fireplace decorated with used doormats especially if they are lattice work. Yes! You read that right...door mats. Paint them white or black and hang them on the wall. You bet they would be taken for vintage iron panels.

Wall stickers and Decals

The best and probably the most inexpensive way to decorate your fireplace is to get a wall sticker on it. You can get elegant designs from a myriad of the collection. The best thing with decals is you could get them customized in terms of the dimension of the fireplace and the design.


The oldest way to decorate the walls of the home is hanging frames. Frames with pictures of family, friends, paintings, sceneries and the list never stop. This beautiful decor item could brighten up your fireplace like anything. You could also make these frames 3D by sticking articles like bowls, cups or anything else that is 3D.