Decorating Your Bedroom

Decorating a bedroom can be overlooked because guests typically don’t see where you sleep. Regardless of whether you leave dirty clothes on your floor or tuck them neatly into a hamper, you should take the time to make your bedroom welcoming. After all, it’s where you wake up, thereby setting the mood for your day ahead, and it’s also where you relax before falling asleep for some Zzzz’s.
Wall decals are the perfect way to decorate your bedroom according to your tastes. Applying the stickers is simple, so you don’t have to cause an upheaval in your bedroom like you would have to if you painted the walls. We’ll include a few ideas for you below, but trust your own instincts when decorating your bedroom. After all, it is your personal space and any decals you use should represent your tastes.
If you are sharing your bedroom with a significant other, you may enjoy decorating with always kiss me wall decalone of our quote wall decals, such as our Always Kiss Me Goodnight decal, or
the Birds and Trees sticker which reads, “Our love is like a wind. . . we can’t see it, but we can feel it”. Our collection features a myriad of wall decals that have quotes about love and dreams, so browse through until you find a favorite for your bedroom.
If you already have a color scheme in your bedroom that you enjoy, you may want to add a bit of design onto the walls with our black silhouette stickers. Our Butterfly Flower Fairy Girl decal is a fun one to wake up to after a night of dreaming. Another fun way to bring a design into the room without having it interfere with the colors is with our Black Fashion Flower stickers. The flowers can easily be applied above a headboard, next to a nightstand, or on the bedroom door.
jungle zoo wall decalIf your child is a fan of a particular character from a movie or book, decorate their bedroom with wall decals to match. For example, we have a sticker that quotes Albus Dumbledore from Harry Potter. He said, “In our dreams we enter the world that’s entirely our own”, a perfect sticker for above the bed. For younger children, invite some of their favorite animals from the Jungle Zoo to sleep with them.
Take a look at our website for more ideas. We even have a tab that highlights all of our wall decals that are designed with bedroom decorating in mind!