Confetti Wall Decals For Your Kids

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Celebrations without confetti are impossible to imagine. Confetti has become a symbolic as well as a literal sense of celebration.  Well, confetti might be a modern thing but the concept is age-old. A Small History of Confetti In the middle ages, it was a common practice of throwing objects at a carnival or a [...]

Wedding Decals: A Unique Way of Expressing Love

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There could be a wide range of things that would tell the world about a married couple; a poetic nameplate or a portmanteau of names, a life-sized portrait or a photo and many more such creative endeavours any couple might take up. One such unique way of expressing your love to each other or [...]

4 Awesome Tips For Removing Your Custom Wall Stickers and Where to Reuse Them

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It's been a long time that wall stickers started coming with the removability feature. Almost all wall stickers today guarantee you of removability, thus making them more preferable to decorate the walls of your homes. Reading the title you must be wondering what is there to know about removing a wall sticker, simply scrape [...]