20 St.. Patrick’s Day Decorations to Give Your Home the Luck of the Irish

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20 St.. Patrick’s Day Decorations to Give Your Home the Luck of the Irish

As you all know, the coming weekend—17th March is St. Patrick’s Day. This is one Christian Feast Day which has its roots in Ireland and is hugely celebrated across the world. Here is all about St. Patrick you would like to know.

St. Patrick’s Day

Who Was St. Patrick

The story of St. Patrick goes back to the 5th century A.D. St. Patrick was a Romano-British Christian missionary who is regarded as a pivotal priest in the Christian history. He was born to a deacon in a wealthy family in Ireland. He was abducted by Irish raiders at a young age and was taken to Gaelic Ireland and held captive for 6 years.

What is St. Patrick Known For

The Declaration says it was here that he found god and he told him to escape his capturers and go back home. He converted the Pagan Irish to Christianity after he escaped the Gaelic Ireland where he was imprisoned as a slave. St. Patrick’s life was dedicated to lord’s service until he died on 17th March and the day is celebrated as St. Patrick’s Day.

Cultural Symbol

The use of green colour and Shamrocks have become cultural symbols of the celebrations of St. Patrick’s Day everywhere in the world. It is said that St. Patrick explained Holy Trinity to the Irish Pagens with a Shamrock.

How to Decorate Your Home This St. Patrick’s Day

As the green colour has become symbolic to St. Patrick’s Day, everything on the day is green-themed right from what you wear like- T-shirts, hats, kilts, leggings to decorations like- plastic cups, danglers, balloons, bowls and also what you eat- muffins, biscuits, candies and all.

A great idea for St. Patrick’s Day decorations could be removable St. Patrick’s Day stickers, shamrock stickers, St. Patrick’s Day face stickers that could cover your walls or practically anything you want them on. You could customize the size, shape, theme, colour of the stickers. To customize your St. Patrick’s Day wall stickers contact us.

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